My new Barrel BBQ Grill With Smoker

At the beginning of this year summer BBQ season I was left without a grill due to the old one deteriorating. I was not rushing to buy a new one, but used my old portable one. It did the job, but was too small and took too long. One hot, yes there was one earlier in the year, weekend we went to Asda to buy a paddling pool. At the entry they had a selection of grills and I saw this one. It looked sturdy, well built,Assembled Grill easy to use and from quality materials. The price was only £69. It also had a small food smoker on a side! We really like smoked meat, but, although we have a big American style smoker, it takes considerable time to smoke the meat something. Ok, we went into the shop, but did not see the grill available, upon return back home we checked online and it was not available either.

Fast forward about a month and Jev (my wife) tells me, “Look the grill we saw is available online at Asda George, should we buy it?” I couldn’t resist. Funny, it arrived on Friday afternoon, so it had to be a BBQ night that day! I opened the box and found all parts well packaged and instructions included. The biggest surprise was that even screwdriver was provided, so I didn’t even need to go upstairs to fetch one. All the screws and bolts were packaged in compartments marked by step numbers, so it made it quite easy. The instructions were not clearest, but good enough. It took around an hour to assemble.Burning Charcoal

I would say that for the price the quality and build is amazing. I’m not quite sure how long will it last, but I doubt if it will be less than any other grill. After a few uses I have noticed following:

  • It is possible to use quite small amount of charcoal and cook on one side
  • Cleaning the ash away is good from the main compartment – you just take base plate out
  • Cleaning smoker compartment is a pain – I use paper plate to scoop the ash away
  • The grills fit dishwasher
  • There is not that much space between the grills and warming rack, whole lamb leg will not fit

BBQ GrillIt is fairly easy to control the flames regulating air supply. I have tried to add wood chips to main grill compartment while cooking and the meat turns out gently smoked. It is important to control heat while smoking so that meat does not turn out dry.


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