FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390 and BT Infinity

I am a user of BT Internet services and a long term one. I am always been quite happy with the service, but I like to be in control of my own home network. As you can imagine BT Home Hub is not a device which puts you in control. We also have a lot of friends and relatives abroad, and VoIP provides most convenient and cheapest way of keeping in touch, although I don’t like to use computer for voice. So I wanted a box that would support all I need. I had a DrayTek router before, but unfortunately it failed. After some research I decided to give Fritz!Box a try and bought then latest model – FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390. It has ADSL and VDSL2 modem built in, dual band WiFi, 4 GigE ports, SIP Support, FXO Port to connect your analogue phone line, 2 FXS Ports to connect your wired phones, DECT base station – pretty match all I need and a bit more.

I connected it to then ADSL enabled line and everything worked. Sync speeds also improved comparing to the DrayTek. I had a bit of an issue with DECT phone connectivity – I had a few Panasonic handsets and they worked, but not very well. I did some research and replaced them with Siemens handsets and compatibility increased dramatically, even HD Voice is supported.

The thing I did not like compared to DrayTek was dialling rules, as Fritz!Box only supports very simple matching on beginning of the number. But I got over it.

I was lucky and BT enabled FTTC in our village! Hooray! But I still did not want to use BT Hub. So I gave my Fritz!Box a try with following settings:

  • Account username:
  • Empty password
  • VLAN 101
  • Leave VPI/VCI at 1/32 – they are for ADSL and not PPPoE
  • PPPoE encapsulation

It all synced up and worked with no problem whatsoever. Until late 2015…

Fritz!Box 7390 Slow Upstream Synchronisation Speed

I upgraded software to Fritz!OS 6.30 and soon noticed that upstream synchronisation speed dropped to below 1 Mbit/sec. I could not live with that! I tried to downgrade, but that did not help. Tried connecting BT HomeHub and got a surprise – it was syncing at normal around 5 Mbit/sec upload speeds. I used the BT Home Hub as router for a while and was thinking about the options.

I was almost thinking to replace the router, but then found this BT Community forum. It appears that BT enabled G.INP on downstream inly with upstream still having it off. It also appears that the issue was (is) only affecting selected (Huawei?) cabinets. I logged the support call with AVM, submitted required information and got a download link to Beta software – 06.36-sroemer-build_1523-32043M. This completely fixed the issue!

I don’t get great speed – 27/6 Mbit/sec, but this is better than BT Home Hub and much more stable.


Fritz Box and BT TV

Then I got interested in subscribing to BT TV, but that would require going back to BT router, wouldn’t it? It turns out that not necessarily! After doing some research on the internet I found this post on how to enable BT Compatible Multicast on Fritz!Box 7390. I was successful and was able to watch BT Multicast Test Channel using VLC on my PC. Please see the post and do any modifications at your own risk! I provide download of diff file from forum, courtesy of DougM.

You can use FBEditor to download text configuration file, modify it and upload back to the Fritz!Box.

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